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Welcome to The North

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Greetings to all the faithful of the North,

Welcome to Forgotten Realms: The North. The Staff of the North is very pleased you are here. It does not matter if you are an old player returning to The North, or a new arrival. We hope you become part of the family of The North.

The world you are about to enter has a long history. Several years ago, a man named Dalantriel had the vision that first created The North. What he and his Team created was a world of wonder and imagination. The limits of the game were pushed and the result was excellence. Since that time, developers and staff of The North as it was added to and improved it as they made their own mark on the places of The North.

In August 2007, a new Team was formed to bring Version 3 of The North to life. From the very beginning of this Northern Revival, we kept the phrase “For the Love of The North” at the top of our forums to remind us constantly why we were here. It is indeed a project of love: love for the lands, the stories, and the players that bring it all to life.

So, thank you for being the ones to help us realize our goals and dreams of bringing you a truly exceptional gaming experience.


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Forgotten Realms: The North

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About The North

The North. Ah, the North. A land filled with adventure and stories. A land seemingly always poised for battle and yet peaceful. A land of intrigue, politics, religion, treachery, beauty, economic prosperity, and much, much more.

Here you will find yourself immersed in an amazing world with many others of like mind. The North has hundreds of places to visit and explore. You and the people you meet here will interact with all kinds of people and creatures. You will scale mountains, cross deserts, and travel beneath the waters. Challenges will be met and overcome. With good teamwork between you and your fellow adventurers, nothing can stand in your way! Riches, fame, or perhaps just a quiet place in the wilderness that you can call your own will be yours someday in The North.

Come see Silverymoon, the Gem of the North. There visit temples, shops, inns, and taverns. Join others in the Golden Oak Inn or in the City Outskirts and head off to adventure together and clear the lands of evil wherever they find it. Find the best crafted wares made by gifted player crafters. Join a guild devoted to adventurers like you. But be careful here if you be less than honorable!

Looking for a challenge? Become one of the feared Drow Elves. Visit Menzoberranzan in a vast Underdark filled with its own challenges and rewards. The Underdark, where the House Matrons rule and males know their place in the order of things. Raid the surface peoples of their treasure and farm goods. Master the tunnels and caverns that will become your home.

Or choose to live the rough life! The Zhentarim-controlled city of Llorkh, known as a traders' haven, lies to the south. Here warriors, rogues, merchants, and indeed all classes of adventurers are encouraged to be the best they can be, no matter the cost. The strongest survive in Llorkh. The weak are driven out or perish.

So, kick back, give yourself plenty of time, and get ready to become part of ... The North.

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