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Character Creation

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This section should give you all the information you need to create a character in The North. It is the responsibility of the player to read these guidelines before character creation.

If you are unsure about an aspect of a character you wish to create, contact a World Lead first. Non-valid characters will be deleted, and you will be asked to remake the character according to these guidelines.



You may create a character with any of the races and subraces allowed in the subrace chart. Note that subrace adjustments to attributes are applied after character creation, as a modifier to the base race modifier. Also note that some subraces incur an Effective Character Level (ECL) adjustment to compensate for extraordinary race abilities. There are no restrictions on alignment.

Your choice of race and alignment will affect which cities you may port to from the Forest of Creation, and which city you will respawn in after death. Note that some races will not be welcome in some cities regardless of their alignment or deity.

Note: Making a “Drow” character by using the racial type Elf by changing the physical appearance of the character (hair and skin colour) without choosing the Drow/Dark Elf subrace in order to get around the portal and/or ECL limitations is not allowed.

See below for important information on playing special races.


You may choose any base class allowed by your race. You may multiclass, but take note of the favoured class of your race. In NWN, the first class you choose should be your favoured class if you will multiclass, since it looks at the first class’s level to determine level variance. If it is not the favoured class, your character will suffer the xp multiclass penalty, even if your second class is the favoured class. Hints and guidelines for playing many of the specific classes in The North can be found in the Class Handbook.

Prestige Class

You may choose any Prestige classes as long as your character meets the requirements, though you will need to find the specific trainer for that Prestige Class and follow his instructions. Two Prestige Classes are allowed per character. Prestige Classes may only be chosen if accepted by the special Prestige Class Trainer(s).

Skills and Feats

Although the skill Craft Trap and the feats Brew Potion, Craft Wand, and Scribe Scroll are present in NWN, they are not directly supported by FRTN. Thus, choosing them or spending points on them will not benefit the character in any meaningful way. The skills Craft Armour and Craft Weapon do not allow your character to actually make armour, weapons, and shields; rather, they are used to modify the appearance of an existing item. Creating items is done through the custom Dynamic Crafting System.

Name and Title

You may not choose the name of an existing character in the Forgotten Realms official source materials (game books and novels) without prior permission of the World Leads, any famous names including names from real life (like Bill Gates, Elizabeth Windsor, etc.), or character names from other media such as books and movies. We want to encourage everyone to play a unique individual of his own creation, not just a clone of someone else with a slightly different name (not to mention protecting the original authors' copyright on the character). Also, some names might have serious in-character consequences for the character. Any parents who would name their child "Mephistopheles Smith" not only have questionable sanity, but have probably given that child a first-class ticket to that immortal being's personal attention. Please be reasonable in choosing names.

You may not choose a name or login that is the same name as an existing or prior DM, even without the “DM” prefix. If you are unsure of DM names, please contact the World Leads.

You may not include a title as part of the character’s name. The name should be the one the character was born with or given. Titles should be role-played, especially as titles and rank can be earned through Social Status. If you wish to make a character for a specific role-play purpose that would need a title, contact the World Leads.

Creating NPC-Type Characters

To prevent confusion on who is "behind" an NPC(Non-Player Character), creating and/or running NPC-type characters is not permitted in The North. NPCs have names that include (but are not limited to) Waitress, Banker, Thug, Barmaid, Knight in Silver, etc. These types of characters may only be used by The North's DMs. If a player is seen by a DM to be running an NPC-type character, the DM may ask the player to log off the server immediately.


You may not have a background that includes a familial relationship or other moderately close association with an existing character in the FR or other fantasy source material without prior permission. (Being inspired to be a mage by seeing Elminster walking through Waterdeep one day, for example, would be acceptable.)

We recommend that, instead of a background, you enter a general description of your character – what another character would see at first glance – into that field at character creation. This is better from a role-play perspective, as other characters would need to talk to you to find out your background rather than knowing it from when they see you.


Any deity is allowed, though a deity choice that deviates from your alignment/race/class (for example, a chaotic evil dwarven barbarian that chooses Torm or Eilistraee) may be questioned by the staff. Also note that having a deity for your character gives you a % chance that the deity will look favorably on you at time of death and automatically save you from the Fugue. It is a small chance, but worth it just the same.

Special Races

This section covers playing characters that are very rare in the "adventurer" world, such as good Drow/Duergar/Tieflings, evil Celestials, a "monstrous" race, etc. If you are unsure if this would apply to a character you wish to play, please contact the World Leads before creating the character. The Subrace section of the Player's Guide shows a list of races and subraces in The North. Races not on this list would fall under this policy.

In order to play this type of special character, the player must be a proven roleplayer. The player must acknowledge that the character will take much time to be accepted by the citizens and authorities of the city where the character will be played; and, indeed, may never be fully accepted without being disguised.

Guidelines for being able to play such a character:

  1. You have some vested time (at least 6 months from date of forum registration) on the server.
  2. You apply to the World Leads to play a “special race or character”.
    • Application will include information regarding your role-play experience on FRTN.
    • Application will include a brief description of why you wish to play this type of character and what this character can bring to the North.
    • Application will include a character background/story that will justify how such a character exists (i.e., more than just “I think it would be a neat character to play”). The background should not be too farfetched in its justification. Some plausibility is requested.
  3. You acknowledge that the character will be watched by the game staff for a time.

A special race or character that is created without approval of the World Leads will be deleted. Re-creation of a deleted character without approval may result in further action. The Staff will make a reasonable attempt to contact you before deletion.