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MHTN Legendary Masters

First and foremost, we wish to acknowledge and give thanks to the staff who created and maintained Mithral Hammer’s The North (MHTN) for so many years. Without their efforts, this world would not exist. The Forgotten Realms: The North persistent world is a continuation of that project, and we are extremely grateful to them for sharing the product of their efforts.

  • Dalantriel – Founding Father
  • Avarice – Development Lead
  • Dragonstar – Lead DM
  • TzAuber – Script Master
  • TheMasters – Server Administrator
  • AussieScum – Webmaster

FRTN Staff

We also wish to acknowledge the contributions from all the FRTN Development Team, DMs, and the players that make this world a great place to adventure in.

Special thanks to those who provide their time and resources to keep the world running.

  • Oracle– World Lead
  • SteeleButterfly – World Lead, Server and Database Admin, and Web Diva


  • Crystalys
  • Daedalus
  • Oracle
  • Velsharoon
  • Viper

DM Team

  • Ash
  • Charon
  • Oracle
  • Phoenix
  • Starfire
  • Stealth

Scripts and Scripters

Creation of this game world would not have been possible without the many wonderful contributions of the Neverwinter Nights Community. We would like to thank the authors of the following scripts that are or have been used in this game world:

  • APS / NWNX2 by Papillon
  • CNR (Craftable Natural Resources) by Festyx and Hrnac
  • CRR Subraces (Core Roleplaying Ruleset) by Lorinton
  • DCS (Dynamic Crafting System) by Dalantriel and TzAuber
  • DMFI (DM-Friendly Initiative) Wand and Widget Package by Hahnsoo
  • HCR (Hard Core Rules) by Archaego
  • Jasperres AI by Jasperre
  • NPC Activities by Deva Bryson Winblood
  • TTV (Table Top Variant rules for locks and traps) by CoyotePrime
  • U3: The Final Enemy (underwater scripts and inspiration) by Oraweb