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Area Listing by Difficulty

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The following tables list all regions within the North and provide a very general estimate as to the difficulty of them. The difficulty estimated is based upon a well balanced a party of four characters of the following levels. The tables do not show every area in game, as many regions contain multiple sub areas.

Note that content within the game world changes constantly and the information provided on the following table should be used as a rough guide only.

Difficulty ~ Party Level
Easy 1–5
Medium 5–10
Challenging 10–15
Hard 15–20
Epic 21+


Region Difficulty Region Difficulty
Calling Horns Easy Dessarin Hills Medium
Citadel Felbarr Easy Fallen Lands Medium
Dawn Pass Easy Forgotten Vale Medium
Everlund Easy Fork Road Medium
Forest of Creation Easy Fork Road, The Fork Medium
Fugue Plane Easy Graypeak Mountains High Gap South Medium
Goldenfields Easy High Forest Medium
Griffon’s Nest Easy Long Road Medium
Harlhammer Hold Easy Lost Peaks Medium
Harmun Rapids Easy Lurkwood West Medium
Heart of the Forest Easy Mere of Dead Men Medium
Ironford Easy Moonwood Central and North Medium
Llorkh Easy Rauvin Mountains South Medium
Lonely Moor Easy Silverwood Medium
Longsaddle Easy Surbrin Hills Medium
Loudwater Easy Sword Mountain Pass Medium
Luskan Easy Beneath the Trackless Sea Challenging
Mirabar Easy The Black Road Challenging
Mithral Hall Easy Delimbyr Vale Challenging
Moonwood South Easy Evermoors Challenging
Nesme Easy Far Forest Challenging
Neverwinter Easy Frost Hills Challenging
Olostin’s Hold Easy Graypeak Mountains High Gap East and North Challenging
Port Llast Easy High Forest East Challenging
Quaervaar Easy Ice Mountain Foothills Challenging
Red Larch Easy Iceflow River Challenging
Secomber Easy Lurkwood East Challenging
Silverymoon Easy Mhiilamniir Challenging
Silverymoon Pass Easy Mount Hotenow Challenging
Southwood Easy Nesme Under Attack Challenging
Stone Bridge Easy Rauvin Mountains North Challenging
Sundabar Easy The Saiyaddar Challenging
Tower of Twilight Easy Sahaugin City Challenging
Triboar Easy Scimitar Spires Challenging
Turlang’s Wood Easy Turnstone Pass Challenging
Unicorn Run Easy Dragondoom Mountain Hard
Waterdeep Easy The Sword Hard
Yartar Easy Cloven Mountain Epic
Ardeep Forest Medium City of Shade High Epic
Ascore Medium Shadow Sea High Epic
The Crags Medium


Region Difficulty
Gracklstugh Easy
Menzoberranzan Easy
Blingdenstone Medium
Dark Dominion Medium
Dark Lake Medium
Fardrimm Medium
Heldayn’s Pool Medium
The Lustruum Medium
The Mantle Medium
Drider Chasm Challenging
Drygulley Tunnel Challenging
Everfire Challenging
Low Road Challenging
Buirandyn Hard
Ch’Chitl Hard
Dead Dragon Gorge Hard
The Cascades Hard
Sschindrlyrn’s Gate Epic
The Deep Dark Epic


Region Difficulty
Donigarten Easy
Hall of Four Ghosts Easy
Llorkh Mines Easy
Silverymoon Cemetery Easy
Baraskur Medium
Goblin Hold of Vaerluth Medium
Kobold Caverns Medium
Mines of Deckanter Medium
The Tombs of Deckon Thar Medium
Thornhammer’s Hold Medium
Doomspire Challenging
Halls of The Damned Challenging
Ladypeak Monastery Challenging
Dungeon of the Ruins Hard
Hammerforge Mines Hard
Mount Hotenow Core Hard
Cloven Mountain Ruins Epic
Morueme’s Cave Epic
Reluraun’s Tomb Epic
Well of Darkness Epic