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Big List of Useful D&D Links

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In this article you will find many useful links for players and DMs of D&D. If you happen to know any other D&D link or site that you believe should be added to this list, please send a PM to the Web Diva. The D&D players and DMs thank you! These links refer to the newest version (3.5); should they be of other versions, it will be informed so.

--Gladius Dei


D&D Free and Legal Books

Programs, Character Sheets, Monsters, Adventures and Many Resources


Name generators:

General Sites about D&D and D20

Forgotten Realms

D&D Creators' Websites (usually possess new material)

Webcomics and Fun Webpages Based on D&D and RPGs in General

A few other useful links, not necessarily related to D&D:

Many thanks to the D&D/D20 section of the SpellBrasil site, the Brazilian RPG site I usually go to, and from where I got these links and translated them.