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In order to access Forgotten Realms: The North, there are some files you will need to install on your system. These files are additional content for Neverwinter Nights, in the form of HAK packs, models, music, and scripts.


Required Files

Community Expansion Pack 2.3 (CEP2.3)

In order to keep the size of these client content packs as small as possible, they do not include the Community Expansion Pack 2.3 (CEP2.3) - which is required to play. You will need to obtain the CEP2.3 yourself from The CEP Page on the IGN Neverwinter Vault. It's rather a large download, and while it's comprehensive, updates have been made to the included files since it was published. It should include a file, CEP_Update, that you'll need to run after you extract all the files to the proper folders. Be sure all instances of game, DM client, and/or toolset are closed, and you'll want to run it three or four times to be sure everything is updated.

There are also additional heads, which can be found here, that will give you more character heads from which you can choose at character creation. Note, however, that if you use these heads and someone else doesn't, the other person may see your PC as headless, since this is a client-side override, not a server-side file.

Haks and Other Files

Hak Installer

This is by far the simplest method of installing the client content pack for The North. All you need to do is download this executable (approx 432MB) and run it. If you are using Internet Explorer, you can simply run the application from its current location - there is no need to save it. It will ask where your Neverwinter Nights "NWN" folder is located. If you used the default location, go ahead and run it as is. Install and then you are done! All the haks and other files will be placed automatically in their correct folders.

Hak ZIP File

While this method is not the most elegant, it is the easiest for our friends in The North who are not running Windows. The ZIP File Client Content Pack (approx 432MB) simply needs to be downloaded, and then extracted into your NWN directory. Be sure to preserve the directory structure when extracting, and everything will be ready to go.

Note to Linux users: The file names are still in their native Windows Mixed Case. You will need to make them lowercase using the script provided with the Linux client.

Optional Downloads

Tired of the Fists of Doom? Check out these new anatomically correct hands for regular characters and for the larger phenotype. Unzip them into your override folder and away you go. Just be careful what you do with those new fingers. And this override pack changes the combat animations to be more cinematic. Unzip the download and follow the installation instructions found in the readme.doc file.

We also support four optional character portrait files from the owner of versions 1 and 2, Mithral Hammer.