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Welcome to Forgotten Realms: The North!

Dalantriel and his team originally built this large landscape – using the NWN game engine – with a vision of recreating a portion of the Forgotten Realms. The current staff has now created V3 of The North (FRTN), still closely aligned with the original vision and intent.

The world, as we see it, is a community of individuals who are investing time in a wonderful hobby and it is our desire to provide ourselves and each of you an engrossing and creative world, based on flexible and fair principles and grounded in fun, since that’s why we all play. Please enjoy yourself, poke around, start mischief (in character please  :) ) and turn your humble beginnings to stories of myth and legend.

We, the gamestaff, are here to assist you in the process and protect the world ... and we welcome you along for a great time.

Like the real world, there are rules. We want our players to know exactly what those are and how players are expected to behave while having fun in our shared world. We are intentionally keeping the things we talk about in this document brief. This is not intended to be an entire legal code for The North. However, we expect players to use good judgment and common sense, just as we expect from ourselves as gamestaff. So, in this document, you will read a few topical areas containing the “rules.” If you have questions about them, please contact a DM in-game or on our forums.



Illegal activities are not welcome in The North. If you have questions about what a legal activity is, then contact a DM or perhaps your local law enforcement. If a player breaks the law, that player alone will be responsible for the consequences. This includes publishing, posting, distributing, or disseminating defamatory, infringing, obscene, sexual, or other unlawful material, images, text, or information. It also includes using any chat, profile, or other FRTN service for the purpose of linking to external sites that violate the Code of Conduct. For example, links to any materials (including software and other information) that could harm (or is designed to harm) any other users’ computers or would allow others to inappropriately access software or Web sites.

Engross Yourself in the World

The North is a fantasy setting and one of our core values is immersion. We want all of our players to step into our shared world and feel like they are really there, in the Forgotten Realms in The North. To assist in this process, we ask you to develop your characters in the spirit of immersion. Pick an appropriate name and give yourself a background. The more you put into the character, the more you’ll get out of it. Have fun, but help others have fun too. If you have questions about this topic, please contact a DM or ask a question in the forums.

Play Nice

We want to promote mutual respect between everyone – players and gamestaff. Please do your part to ensure that this world is a fun place to be.

All players are expected to adhere to the instructions of the game staff. If a member of the staff makes a decision, please abide by it. If you disagree, discuss it with the staff member through PMs, and if a satisfactory outcome is not reached, you may take it to the Game Staff manager. Do NOT continue to argue with the staff in game.

In-Game Play in The North

The gamestaff expects players to respect each other and make an effort to make this a pleasant community. However, we must establish some specific guidelines about what is and is not acceptable. The following actions are not acceptable:

  • Twinking – Twinking is defined as passing any possession or amount of gold or gold equivalent from one PC to another played by the same player.
  • Training - this can mean two things: 1) A high-level PC taking a significantly lower-level PC into an area that is not level-appropriate for the lower solely for the purpose of helping the low level to gain xp at a much faster rate than he would gain in a level-appropriate area. 2) Moving around an area to gather several hostile creatures (creating a "train") and leaving them at a spawn point where unsuspecting PCs will meet an overwhelming mob as soon as they enter.
  • Player Killing – PKing in a non-roleplay context.
  • PC Theft – Robbing (i.e., Pick Pockets) other PCs in a non-roleplay manner.
  • Griefing – Purposefully harassing other players
  • Exploiting – Any activity that exploits the game world or game mechanics to the benefit of any PCs. Inasmuch as exploitation hurts all players in The North, anyone witnessing exploitation by other players or finding an exploit themselves is asked to report said exploit immediately to a DM.
  • Language – Please use common sense when talking in-game. We’re not a strict roleplaying server because we want to be flexible to all kinds of play, but we ask that our players respect each other enough to keep curse words, innuendo and out-of-game chatter to a minimum.
  • Misrepresentation of gamestaff – Impersonation of gamestaff members or representing yourself in a position of authority that you do not hold.
  • Spamming – Flooding continuous repetitive text in chat areas or posting advertisements about other products.

A Player’s Rights

Play in FRTN is a privilege. In order to preserve that privilege, the gamestaff will have to discipline players from time to time when circumstances warrant. Below is the process we will use to discipline players. If you have questions, please contact a member of the gamestaff in-game or on the forums.

  1. Most of the time, the gamestaff will be focused on making The North an entertaining place, However, we have to adjudicate conflicts from time to time. All parties will receive an opportunity to tell their side of the story before any decision will be made.
  2. If a player has clearly violated one or more areas listed in previous sections of the document, the gamestaff will discuss disciplinary options.
  3. A player will be notified of any disciplinary action in private chat in-game or via email or private message on the forums.
  4. A player may appeal the decision and submit a written argument privately to the lead of the gamestaff.
  5. Repeated violations of the rules will be a part of the decision-making process that gamestaff uses to decide disciplinary action.

Final Thoughts

All of us are volunteers. Players volunteer to play and gamestaff volunteers to run the world. Let’s always keep that in mind. If you have any doubts about why decisions are made, we ask you to reflect back to the first paragraph is this document. It’s our mission and our vision of the world all wrapped into one. It is based on the values that we believe make this world a place you want to play.

That said, we reserve the right to immediately terminate or suspend a user’s FRTN account for play that is contrary to the good of the world.

We reserve the right to amend or change this document or policies related to FRTN at any time so as to protect players, the game world and the community we share.

We realise that there occasionally may be reasons to make exceptions to policies published for FRTN, and the management reserves the right to be able to make exceptions to policies if we think it is for the betterment of our community and the North. As well, abusive or unique situations will always come up, and we reserve the right to deal with these situations as we see fit, regardless of whether we have a policy for it or not. Please do not think that because there is no stated policy for something that this gives you licence to think up or create new ways to abuse our forums or to exploit in-game play. Such behavior will not be tolerated.

Privacy Statement

The game staff cautions all players against giving out personally identifiable information (such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, names and addresses, telephone numbers or driver license numbers) to strangers online, as this information may be used for illegal or harmful purposes. Any communication in game or in the forums may be monitored, so please be aware of this and conduct yourself accordingly.

We encourage parents of our younger members to contact members of the gamestaff with any concerns they may have, since we want to be an inclusive and open community.

Some personal information users provide to FRTN may be stored outside of the country in which those users reside.

Last Revised 24 Feb 2009