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DCS - Crafting

Dynamic Crafting System

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The Dynamic Crafting System is a custom system for The North, based on Craftable Natural Resources.


Available Crafts

  • Alchemy
  • Armor Crafting
  • Enchanting
  • Food Crafting
  • Gem Crafting
  • Scribing
  • Smelting
  • Tailoring
  • Tinkering
  • Weapon Crafting
  • Wood Crafting

You can see more detail on these in the table at the end of the article.

Crafting Types

There are three types of crafting types and some types may possess more than one type:


Refining is the processing of a raw component to create another item. Smelting ore, tanning leathers, cutting and polishing gems, and scribing scrolls are examples of refining processes.


Production is the creation of an equippable item (one that can be worn or carried by a character). Production relies on the use of templates to define the exact item to be crafted, which are available from any craftsman. For example, a recipe for a Copper Weapon might list as a component Template: Longsword. Supplying this exact named component will produce a copper longsword. However, if Template: Mace is used instead, the recipe would now produce a copper mace.

Not all templates are interchangeable, however, as they are restricted to their particular craft skills. Only those items which are of the same type can be substituted. For example, a Design: Chain Shirt could be substituted for Design: Scale Mail, to craft scale mail instead of a chain shirt. But a Diagram: Ring could not be substituted for a Schematic: Longbow since diagrams and schematics do not represent the same item type; namely, ranged weapon vs. jewelry.

The list below describes the various template types and the groups of items they represent:

Template Description Used In
Design any metal armor Armor Crafting
Diagram ring or amulet Gem Crafting
Pattern leather armor, boots, bracers, cloak, belt, gloves Tailoring
Project any fashion accessory Tinkering
Template any melee weapon Weapon Crafting
Plans any ammunition or thrown weapon Wood Crafting
Schematic any ranged weapon or staff (not quarterstaff) Wood Crafting


Modification is the alteration of a focus item, an already existing item that is the target of the modification, through the changing of its properties. Whenever examining the recipe for a particular modification the term Focus Name is listed as a component. In these cases, the recipe is asking for an item that meets the type of focus upon which the recipe can be applied. Thus a focus is a variable component determined by the user. For example:

A recipe with Melee Focus would require any melee weapon to satisfy that component of the recipe. More importantly, the focus item provided is the item that will be modified by the recipe and returned to the crafter. Thus the crafter could provide a Longsword, Mace, Flail or any other melee weapon to both satisfy the recipe and act as the target of the modification.

If a crafting attempt is unsuccessful, the focus will be destroyed along with all of the other components required for that recipe.

Focuses: A focus must be a crafted item. Generic items (even magical ones) are not high enough quality of workmanship to be a focus.

  • Amulet
  • Armor: any helmet, shield, or metal armor (leather armor is under Clothing)
  • Clothing: clothes, leather armor, cloak, bracers, boots, belt, or gloves
  • Fashion: any fashion accessory (a held item)
  • Melee: any melee weapon
  • Projectile: any ammunition or thrown weapon
  • Ranged: Any ranged weapon
  • Ring
  • Staff (not quarterstaff, which is a Melee Focus)

Menus and No Menus

All refining activities rely on crafting facilities that make use of a menu system, namely a list of available options that can be accessed by placing an object within the facility.

All production and modification facilities are menu-free. This means that the exact components must be placed into the facility for the option to begin crafting to appear. If the correct components are not present, a message stating that this will be displayed.

Recipe Cards

Since the bulk of the crafting system is not menu driven, recipe cards for Alchemy, Armor Crafting, Enchanting, Food Crafting, Gem Crafting, Scribing, Smelting, Tailoring, Tinkering, Weapon Crafting, and Wood Crafting are available from crafting merchants. These cards can be used in-game to see what a crafting facility is capable of producing, the exact components required, and the chance of successfully crafting it.

One Step at a Time

Batch production of items is not supported. Only one crafted item will ever be produced, regardless of whether multiple components or sets of components are provided.

Character Stats and Crafting

The following table shows how a character’s stats affect crafting ability.

Craft Major Minor
Alchemy Dex Wis
Armor Crafting Str Con
Enchanting Cha Wis
Food Crafting Wis Con
Gemcrafting Cha Dex
Scribing1 Int Wis
Smelting Con Str
Tailoring Int Cha
Tinkering Dex Int
Weaponsmithing Str Con
Woodcrafting Wis Dex

1The attributes for scribing contribute equally.

Resource Types

Gems Metal Leather Wood
Greenstone Copper Tattered Leather Walnut
Malachite Iron Weak Leather Cherry
Fire Agate Nickel Poor Leather Willow
Aventurine Meteoric Iron Average Leather Pine
Phenalope Titanium Good Leather Oak
Amethyst Meteoric Nickel Strong Leather Maple
Feldspar Adamantine Superior Leather Spruce
Garnet Meteoric Titanium Perfect Leather Steelpine
Alexandrite Mithral Pristine Leather Ancient Oak
Fire Opal

Crafting in More Detail

Skill Type Description Requires Produces Facilities Modifications
Alchemy Refining the brewing of potions, oils, inks, and suspensions herbs
Alchemists Table none
Armor Crafting Production, Modification the crafting and modification of armor and shields ingots
Armor Crafting Anvil
Armor Rack
Harden (increases AC vs. slashing damage)
Thicken (increases AC vs. piercing damage)
Strengthen (increases AC vs. bludgeoning damage)
Weight reduction (decreases weight of item)
Enchanting Modification the addition of permanent magical effects onto existing items enchanted gems*, other components* various magical effects on items Enchanting Altar

Enchanting Pool
Enchanting Crystal: Ring
Enchanting Crystal: Amulet
Magic Mirror
Mordenkainen’s Disjunctor

many, with various effects, including:
  • light
  • extra spell slots
  • elemental damage
  • protection vs. damage
  • miscellaneous immunities
  • regeneration
  • spell resistance
  • skill bonuses
  • true seeing
  • dark vision
  • haste
  • freedom
  • reduced arcane spell failure
Food Crafting Refining Production the baking of foods and brewing of beverages various plants and edibles food and drink Baker’s Oven

Farmer’s Mill
Farmer’s Press
Brewer’s Kettle
Brewer’s Keg

Refining Production the refining of minerals and cutting gems and production of rings and amulets minerals
Gem Cutting Stone

Gem Crafter’s Table
Mineral Wash
Ring Detailing Bench
Amulet Detailing Bench
Gem Crusher

Scribing Refining the writing of memorized spells onto parchment parchment

gem dusts

spell scrolls Minor Scribing Station

Lesser Scribing Station
Average Scribing Station
Greater Scribing Station

Smelting Refining the processing of ores into metal ingots raw ores ingots Forge none
Tailoring Refining
the tanning if hides into leather and the crafting of leather armor and clothing animal hide



leather armors

Curing Tub

Tailor’s Table
Tailor’s Dummy

Harden (increases AC vs. slashing damage)

Thicken (increases AC vs. piercing damage)
Strengthen (increases AC vs. bludgeoning damage)
Weight reduction (decreases weight of item)

Tinkering Refining
various activities allowing the creation of kits, traps, and fashion accessories ingots

wood shafts
and others

modification kits

trap kits
fashion accessories

Tinker’s Device

Tinker’s Toolbox||none

Weapon Crafting Production
the crafting and modification of melee weapons ingots

wood shafts

melee weapons Weapon Crafting Anvil

Weapons Brazier

Sharpen (increases slashing damage)

Strengthen (increases piercing damage)
Weight (increases bludgeoning damage)
Weight reduction (decreases weight of item)

Wood Crafting Refining
the processing of raw branches into wood shafts, and the crafting of ranged weapons, thrown weapons, and ammunitions wood shafts


ranged weapons

thrown weapons


Bowyering Bench
Fletching Bench
Bowyering/Fletching Rack

Mighty (adds strength bonus to damage dealt)

Weight reduction (decreases weight of item)
Imbue with Acid (adds acid damage to ammunition)
Imbue with Fire (adds fire damage to ammunition)

*These components are obtained through the destruction of existing magical items using Mordenkainen’s Disjunctor, an artifact that does not require enchanting knowledge to use.