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  • What is Role Playing?

It is the same as an actor taking on a role for a play, movie, or TV show. The actor “becomes” the role – acting as the person would act, saying things as the person would say them, etc. The same is true for you and your character. You are the actor, and the character is the role. Much like an actor, the more you immerse yourself in what your character thinks and feels, the better the experience for both you and those around you. You can talk in “accents”, make signature gestures, have odd quirks – whatever you think is appropriate to the character within the limits of proper server behaviour.

Since the actions of the character on the screen are somewhat limited, you are encouraged to use “emotes” – typed descriptions of actions or expressions – to help enhance the role play. A simple *frowns* can go a long way towards helping others understand that what your character is saying or hearing does not bring happiness. Likewise, more complicated emotes, such as *sits back in her chair and crosses her legs carelessly* gives a good visual to those around you. Emotes are usually considered to have the syntax with an understood “My character ...”. For example, those above are usually understood to be “Joe frowns” or “Jane sits back ...” rather than being typed as “I sit back.”

  • What is considered to be bad Role Playing?

Using “text speak” or “chat room” syntax, such as lol, brb, hw r u, etc. These should be limited to OoC text, usually prefaced with // or ((, or enclosed in [brackets]. Also, references to things outside of the context of the game world, such as telephones or nylon, would not be reasonable. Anything that takes away from the “this world is real” feeling for you or your companions is not considered good role play.

  • What should I aim for my Role Playing to be?

That is hard to quantify, but it can be boiled down to “be your character as much as you can”. Not everyone is a great actor, but striving to keep modern and OoC things out of the game world goes a long way. And as you play with others, you can see how they do things, and possibly learn ways to do things that you’d thought of but didn’t know how to put into practise.

Game Play

  • How do I [insert NWN functionality here]?

First, read the manual that came with your game. If that doesn't answer the question, try NWNWiki. If that doesn't answer the question, search the forum to see if it has been answered already. If it hasn't, include your search criteria with your post so we'll know what you looked for. But read the game manual first.

Questions posted for which the answer can be found in the manual (how to cast spells, how to target a hostile creature) will probably receive an answer that points you to the manual anyway. Questions posted for which an answer has been posted in the forums (or in this FAQ!) will probably receive the answer "Search the forum." While we do try to be as helpful as possible, please do your research before posting.

That having been said, the following questions address things that are changed from the manual, or were not metioned.

  • How do I talk to other people?

The easiest way to just talk to those around you is to press Enter and start typing. Then press Enter again to display the “speech”. While you can type rather a lot, there is a limit (255 chrs?) that you can type at any one time.

Note that you can copy/paste from somewhere else. This can be helpful if you wish to recite a poem in game, for instance. You can write the poem in a word processing program, and have it running in the background. Then copy a line at a time and paste it into the chat bar.

See the post here on different types of talking.

  • How do I send Tells?

Open the player list, click the name of the character you wish to send a Tell to, and click the Send Tell icon above. The /t will display in the text bar. Type your message and press Enter. You can also just press Enter, and type /t "[character name]" [message text] and press Enter again.

  • How do I party up with people?

Open the player list, click the player you wish to party with, and click the Invite into Party icon.

  • How do I use "Party" chat?

Press Enter as if to talk normally, but begin typing with /p. You will need to type /p each time you want to talk in Party mode.

  • How do I find out who is on the server?

You can either log into the game, or set up a buddy list through the Bioware web pages.


  • Where can I buy the +12 Axe of Uber Killing?

You can find items from the monsters you kill, you can make things from materials you find (or have them made by crafters). But you’ll need your own strengths and skills to overcome many of the dangers along The North, rather than relying on items bespelled or blessed by the gods. Few items will be of much more than minor enchantments and blessings, and none of “uber” class.

  • Can I send stuff to you to add? I am an awesome builder and I just know you'll love my stuff.

Contact the World Lead for information on helping to create and improve the world.

  • I have this wicked good idea for my character. Can I get a DM to help me become the king of the land? It will probably only take a week or two of gaming every night for a few hours for it to be done.

You will have to gain, though play, any and all titles and/or status. See the question on “What are the DMs for?” for information on what the DMs can help with. Good role play rather than spending hours grinding will bring far greater rewards to your PC.

  • I was running through the city today and I lost my [insert neat item here]. Can I get another one please?

Unless a DM sees the loss and it was due to server (not player) error, items cannot be replaced. Saving your PC (use your Adventurer’s Journal) in case of an unexpected crash works wonders.

  • I used to play on another server, and there you could [insert concept that requires extensive recoding or some obscure hak pak]. I just know that would work here, too, so when will you add it?

Feel free to send a description to the World Lead for evaluation. If it is coding you have done, the Lead Developer will need to examine it for compatibility with the coding already in the system. If it is a publicly-available hak or mod, send the link. We cannot guarantee to add everything sent to us, as the world has been in existence for over five years. Everything we add must match the vision the designers have for the world.

  • I like to write stories with my characters in them, and post them on the forums. How much freedom do I have to make things up, and will anything in the world change if I come up with a really neat story line?

By all means, write stories that feature your characters. Check with a DM if the stories will include NPCs, or actions that will involve changes in the world as it stands. You never know – they might like the idea, and help with NPC actions and dialogue. But stories that involve heavy NPC interaction or physical changes to the world should be cleared with the DMs/Developers first. Stories that involve just your PC (or the party) or that tell of a DM event that happened probably won’t need a DM to look over.

  • I tend to be in-game a lot when there are few, if any, others playing. I love to role play but rarely get the opportunity.

We can see if any DMs are available to get on at those times; otherwise, there's little we can do. Try to find a person to join the server and become a DM in your Time Zone, or you can see if some of your friends will join so you can have someone to role play with. If you are on when others are looking for a server with players on at that time, it will encourage them to come join you, too.

Dungeon Masters

  • What are the DMs for?

The DMs are to make the world live and breathe, and to make life for your PC interesting. They can add spawns to an area to make the area a little more unpredictable, and they can increase or decrease the power of the creatures there. They can run a spontaneous mini-event, starting something at random and seeing how the characters deal with it. They can also run planned events, either a single instance planned out and announced beforehand, or a series of events all tied together. A series may or may not include the same characters each time.

DMs are also there to help you with a character or player question or problem. For example, if you get stuck in an area and cannot move, the DM can likely get you out again.

  • How do I contact the DM?

Preface your “talk” text with /dm. This will send the message to all DMs currently logged on, though it will not display in in your chat window. For this reason, do not assume you made an error and keep resending it. The DMs will not appreciate seventeen copies of the same message. :)

  • Can I be a DM here? What do I need to do?

Contact the Game Staff Manager for information. We are always willing to evaluate our players for potential DMs.

  • How do the DMs pick which players they are going to “do things” with or for?

DMs look for role play happening in the world. They look for interesting things happening. They look for groups and parties. They won’t ignore people running around solo, but those PCs who are merely grinding to level won’t get the best of what the DMs can dish out.

  • If a DM starts doing things with or to my character, is it all right for me to ask him to stop?

Yes, but don’t expect to advance as quickly or rise to fame. This is a DM-involved world, and deliberately asking for no DM interaction will cut your PCs off from high-level items, crafting materials, and in-game status.

If, however, you’re in the middle of a rather involved RP session and would rather not get pulled away for a spontaneous DM event, just use the DM channel to politely request “not now” for that instance. The DMs will understand that you’re not asking to be left alone all the time, just at this particular time so that you and your counterpart can, for example, finish the lively discussion on theology.