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Please read the following policies in their entirety. Players are responsible for being aware of server policy at all times.


NWN Character Extender

There is a piece of software floating around the web called the Character Extender, that lets a player add things like wings and tails and odd skin tones to the character at creation time. This is not something that we will be allowing for use in The North.

Please do not use this tool when creating your characters. Any character found with these weird traits will be deleted from the server vault and you'll likely find yourself banned from the server.

Use of the FRTN Website

While the game staff respects that people can play anywhere that they wish (and we appreciate that you elect to spend your time here!), and support anyone's decision to play elsewhere - we wish you well should you decide to leave us and play in another world - we find it entirely inappropriate that people use the website and PW provided by the FRTN game staff to actively recruit players from FRTN to other persistent worlds.

This is against the terms of service of the FRTN website and players should expect to be able to play here without being spammed by staff from other game worlds.

If you receive such a PM, or a Tell within the game world, we would appreciate it if you could inform a staff member so that we may take action up to and including removing posting privileges from the offending players / posters.

Bioware Crafting - Item Customization

There is a bug in Bioware's crafting that causes items to disappear from time to time. If you want to be sure not to lose your items, please have a DM watch over your crafting. If you lose an item while not being observed, I'm afraid that we can't replace your items.

Items Dropping from your Pack

If you run around with lots of items in your inventory and are constantly swapping items and weapons you will run a risk of an item dropping from your bag onto the ground and either disappearing or not able to be picked up.

If such a thing happens without being witnessed by a DM, please don't ask for an exchange, refund or substitution as we will be unable to grant your request.

Cybering / Sexual Roleplay

It is against the user agreement to engage in any form of Sexual Role Playing aka cybering.

FRTN is a family friendly game; it is geared for players aged 13 years and older. Because of this, sexual content is not permitted and will not be tolerated. FRTN will have a zero tolerance level for this type of behavior; no matter where (private or public) or with whom (real life spouses, boyfriend/girlfriends included) it occurs. FRTN game staff will not give a pass or fair warning of said behavior. They have been instructed to forward player's names to the server administrator for immediate and permanent removal from the server.

Any appeals should be forwarded to Senior Staff.

Persistent Chest Usage Policy

FRTN offers six different kinds of persistent storage in the world. The following policy outlines how each of the six may be used.

Each of these six types stores these items are stored persistently in the database between server resets and player login/logout. At no time may gold be stored in any persistent vault.

  1. Bank Vault. Each major city has a bank. Inside the bank is a bank vault. Each player has a private bank vault where they may store several items. These items are outside of your tariff calculations. You may store whatever items you wish, but note that items with dynamic properties or items that have been altered using CEP/Bioware item crafting will not hold the properties when you retrieve the item. It will have reverted to its original state and your modifications will have been lost.
  2. Crafting Ledger. Every "starting" city has containers for your crafting resources (ingots, gem minerals, plants, etc.). Though it may appear that there are many such ledgers in the area, they are all just duplicates of each other. If you put something in the first one, it will also be in the fourth one when you open it. No "standard" items or finished items can be put into the ledger. Only resources and "staged" items (such as cut or polished gems or wood shafts) may be stored.
  3. Shard Vault. Each of the 3 starting cities has a shard vault as well as a bank vault. These vaults are scripted to accept Campaign Shards only.
  4. Persistent Storage Chests (PC run guild storage) These chests are for the storage of CNR Components, half made items or finished CNR items. And item stored in one of these chests that is not a CNR based item, component or middle piece will be destroyed immediately by DM's if discovered. These chests have unlimited capacity, but we ask that you don't store anything beyond 9 or 10 pages per chest. NOTE: These chests do not maintain "dynamic" properties of items. So if you place a crafted sword +2, +d6 fire damage, it will lose the +2 and the fire damage and leave a simple crafted sword.
  5. Guild Item Persistent Storage Chests (PC run guild storage) These chests each hold 20 items and are outside a PC's tariff calculations. Guilds may store any item they wish in these chests up to 20 items per chest. Any item placed in these chests should be considered mutual property of the guild, and any guild member should be able to place/take items into/out of these chests at will. These chests DO maintain dynamic properties of items.
  6. Housing System Chests PCs who own houses may purchase storage containers via the Rod of Housing. The items are described with a descriptor or [VAULT 1] through [VAULT 5] which indicates how many items can be stored in these containers. You may purchase as many of these containers as you can afford and items placed into them are outside of tariff calculations. These chests do NOT maintain dynamic properties of items.

This should cover all available forms of persistent storage.

Use of Mounts

Mounts (Horses, Ponies, pack, etc.) are provided in the North at a cost. Paladins can summon their warhorse at the appropriate level, but can still use a purchased horse if desired. It is expected that all players use these mounts only in areas where mounts would be expected to be seen (outdoor uninhabited areas, or in cities if led or ridden at a walk).

Any character found riding a mount at a gallop inside of any Lawful city, or taking a mount (ridden or led) inside any building, inside any dungeon/cave complex, or on board a ship will be subject to the following:

  • First Offense: Any Advisor or DM witnessing such an act will issue an initial warning to the offending player. The player will be notified to review this policy. A post will be made by the DM in the staff forums listing the character and login name.
  • Second Offense: A final warning will be issued to the offending player by any DM witnessing such an act. This Second Warning is a courtesy just in case of a misunderstanding or timing issue.
  • Third Offense: All of the player's characters will be forbidden to own mounts within the North. A DM will be contacted to delete the current widgets from the characters. This action may be appealed after three months. If approved, the player will once again be allowed to have mounts. There will no longer be multiple warnings. First offense after the appeal will permanently reinstate the ban on mounts for that player.

The saddlebags on a riding mount or a pack animal are to be used for storing and carrying crafting resources only:

  • ore, ingots
  • mineral, cut gems, polished gems, dust, enchanted gems
  • branches, shafts of wood
  • various herbs, flowers, leaves, etc. used in other crafts
  • hides, leather
  • crafted oils or acids that are used to process raw materials or that are used in other crafts (i.e., not finished potions)
  • kits

Note that this list does not include finished crafted items (such as armour or rings), since finished items are not resources, even though they can be subjected to further crafting (such as enchanting or adding kits). The intent is to use them when gathering and processing resources, not for gathering loot when adventuring or for extending available standard inventory space.

The saddlebags hold a maximum of 50 items. Putting more than 50 in a saddlebag may cause instability in the storage space, and has been known to crash the module or make it impossible for a player to log on with that character.

Players who use saddlebags for ordinary (non-crafting resource) inventory storage will be given three warnings similar to those above regarding mounts.

Character Housing

Characters on FRTN are allowed to purchase personal Housing of various types. This housing allows for increased Role-play situations and allows PCs to purchase storage and crafting stations to aid in their lives in the North. Each character may only own one residence at a time. If a "player" runs more than one "character," then all characters are able to own housing. A caution is added to this: One player having a large number of characters owning housing may create an unnatural shortage of housing for other characters/players to enjoy. The FRTN Staff reserves the right to require any player tying up too many residences to relinquish some or all but one of them on request.

When a character no longer wishes to own a residence, they may sell it back to the "game." This is done by abandoning the property. The character will be given back approximately 25% of the original price. If a character is working out an arrangement with another character to abandon the property so that the second character can purchase it, any financial arrangements between the two players are their own to determine. If such an arrangement is being considered it is recommended that a DM be present to officiate just in case a third party attempts to step in and purchase the property before the second person is able to.

Prior to abandoning any property, a player must remove (i.e., destroy) all furnishings, including storage and crafting stations, in their old residence. No compensation will be provided for these items by FRTN. IF a second character is purchasing the property and requests items be left in the residence from the previous owner, this can be arranged between the two parties. However, there is no guarantee by the staff of FRTN that these furnishings will be usable, changeable, or movable by the new owner. Unless announced as a special housing incentive by the staff of FRTN, there are no "moving services" provided for furnishings or the like. The costs of re-furnishing any new residence are at the sole responsibility of the player character.

Ownership of housing is a privilege to characters provided by FRTN. Abuse of the housing system in any way is cause for disciplinary actions up to and including being banned from FRTN.