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Guidelines for Player Guild Formation

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Player Guilds are a vital and exciting part of life in The North. The following has been prepared to show the preferred method for starting such a guild. The items listed below have no direct bearing on existing guilds. However, existing guilds should review the information presented here for ideas etc. Note, these are guidelines only and may be modified, waived or changed at the discretion of the FRTN Staff.

Guilds are a formal grouping of characters in the North. Less defined groups are always welcome and carry none of the requirements listed here. Less formal groups would include such things as Adventuring Fellowships, crafting alliances, quest alliances, etc.



It will be required that the founders of any new Guild be long time players in The North. A minimum of 6 months of active playtime would be required for founding members (preferably the primary character of that player) of the guild. Founding Members need not be all longtime members of FRTN. A minimum of one player with that longevity is required and more would certainly help the cause.


A defined purpose for the guild would need to be established. “We just want to hang out together and get all the cool chests and stuff of a guild” would not be acceptable. Defense of a city, eradication of undead, promoting the benefits of a particular class or race might be good purposes depending on the goals and other precepts of the guild.

Please note: New guilds will be reviewed and checked against existing Guilds to avoid duplication. Please be original in Purpose and Goals. A guild without defined Purpose and Goals different from existing guilds is unlikely to be confirmed.


Slightly different from Purpose. Goals are longer term and more defined in Role Play. Goals may include ranks within the guild, expectations of member’s actions, ways the guild can impact the North, etc.


Names of guilds should be consistent with the framework of the Forgotten Realms and The North. No name should be given to a guild or it's members that might imply authority over the citizens of the North without the consent of the FRTN Staff. i.e. Calling members Knights, Nobles, Lord, Duke, etc. might be questionable. Potentially, ranks within the guild that imply a Knighthood, or a military or political title would be acceptable after considerable service to the guild, it's city or political affiliation. Titles such as this for guild members or the guild itself should be discussed with the FRTN Staff.


A guild should have certain rules and expectations of its members and the guild as a whole. These “Laws” should be spelled out in some detail.


As stated in the section on Longevity (above), guild leadership should be long time members of The North in good standing. Leaders should be active in the guild or step down from positions of authority within the guild. Provisions for transfer of leadership should be part of the By-laws.


Membership can encompass several things. Again, membership to a guild should not be easy or automatic.

Define the requirements for membership. Requirements can be based on alignment, race, class, location or any number of other possibilities. Requirements should be spelled out in the By-laws

Restrictions or membership trials. Many guilds have certain requirements above and beyond the basic requirements. Some have membership restricted to those invited to attend. Some require certain tasks or quests to be completed. Many options exist here.

What are the requirements for maintaining membership in the guild? Are there expectations of active status?

A Minimum Membership of between 4-6 active characters is suggested for starting a guild. The more members interested, the better. Maintaining a minimum Membership of 4 active members would be reviewed periodically. qv Active Status Requirements

Initial Forum Discussion

One of the first things that any prospective guild will need to do would be to begin a discussion thread in the General Forums on our web site. The thread would include initial thoughts on purpose, goals, membership, etc. The Staff of The North would be able to follow the activity on these threads and have a good understanding of the guild prior to formal acceptance. The guild could actually be in it’s formation period here as a “fellowship”, “cult”, “society”, “club” or other such group. Details of membership, leadership, by-laws and other important information will be discussed in the thread prior to final guild formation.

Trial Period

From the time of initial discussions until the final acceptance of the guild into the North is known as the “Trial Period”. The Trial Period is established to ensure continued interest in the formation of the guild and to keep our guilds strong and vibrant. A suggested trial period for a guild is one month. Depending on the response to the guild and the organization of its leaders, this period may be longer or shorter at the discretion of the FRTN staff.

Guild House

A guild house may be made available to established guilds. Guild houses may take many forms and be of varying sizes, but should begin as an interior area to be made accessible by linking to an unused door in an existing area. Development of a guild house will be at the expense of its members. Costs will be commensurate with the size, location and complexity of the structures. Guild houses will also be available based on the time availability of the FRTN Development Staff. The Development Staff’s primary focus is to maintain the “world” and create content for the entire player base. Guild development will take a lower position of importance in their work. If any member of a guild has area design skills and would like to design something for the guild, that would be encouraged. However, all submissions of area content must follow all guidelines for the North and would require final approval by the Development staff.

Note: An excessive number of guilds in a particular location (i.e., Silverymoon and its immediate surrounding areas) would be taken into account in the placement of a Guild headquarters. Even if the new guild does not duplicate an existing guild. The FRTN Staff will consider how many guilds our player base can accommodate effectively prior to approval. New Guild candidates should keep this in mind when considering their new location.

Guild House Improvements

Improvements to Guild Houses i.e. Crafting Stations, Chests, a larger area, etc. would also be at the expense of the guild members. Each guild house is allowed 3 crafting stations, 2 crafting chests and one storage chest free with the guild house. Any additional items would need to be purchased.

After a guild headquarters has become well-established (the guild has shown consistent and significant activity for 8-12 months from its building) and has a sufficient reputation on the server, they may petition to build a much larger headquarters (i.e., Stronghold, similar to that available to PCs of Ducal rank), requiring clearing of land, planning buildings, etc. This petition will be reviewed by the World Leads, and, if approved, will be dependent upon Development resources and availability for construction and addition to the module. Areas submitted by the guild members themselves will significantly shorten the Development time to add it.

Guild Forum

Once a guild has been approved by the Staff, they may request a Guild Forum on the website. Guild forums will be monitored by the Staff and will be a place for story ideas, communications and organization. Guild forum content and activity will be reviewed regularly as a basis for determining Active Status.

Active Status Requirements

Guilds, Guild Houses and Guild Forums deemed to be inactive by the Staff would be deleted to maintain server resources. This is at the sole discretion of the FRTN Staff.

Approval Process

Final approval for all Player Guilds will be from the FRTN Staff. Adherence to all of the recommendations listed here will be reviewed.