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*tacked to a board in the Guarenteed Linguistics College*

My apologies. Many of my teachers have taken sabaticals. They have let me know that I am not to disturb them. Therefore I can't give you their exact location. However, I can give you a hint, and can I help it if you happen to run into them? If you do, don't tell them how you got knowledge of where they are. I don't want to provoke any of them.



You won't find me in the Deep,
Actually, I'm in a keep.
Teaching's what it used to do,
Now the students here are few.


In the mists, within a tower
Therein you will find my bower.
Recluse wizard dressed in blue,
Find him, and you find me, too.


If Draconic you would seek
You must find me in a peak.
Grey stone all around my gold -
Give me more, you will be told.


Darkness all around me lies.
I will never see the skies.
Dare the city to explore
Be sneaky! There are drow galore!


All me clan seems to have trouble.
Help us, won't ye, on the double!
And unless'n ye be blind
Ye will there with them me find.


In the corner of a green,
Hardly am I ever seen.
In the south is where I dwell.
Elven Language will I tell.


Ruins now be my hometown.
To find me you must go down.
Find me near a questing call
Standing there, outside the wall.


Me find job to guard a street.
Me get garbage now to eat!
So they talk with those in mines
Teaching them, me gets no fines!


If you do not know me better
You to me must bring a letter.
Otherwise naught will I say
And with Sperry you must sway.


Lost I am, and lost will be.
Many, often, do I see.
Tales of dread to you I'll tell
If you learn to speak in Hell.


If you want me for to teach
Me is very hard to reach.
Me want money for me bail.
Joining me, ya have to fail.