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It is the policy of this server, FRTN, that Player vs. Player (PvP) – also known as Character vs. Character (CvC) – activity be initiated only when both parties explicitly agree in advance to the terms and conditions of the engagement. The communication for this agreement should be done in “Tells” between the players out of character to ensure mutual understanding. Players initiating PvP without prior consent from the other party will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including being banned from the server on the basis of “griefing”.

Whenever any PvP action is anticipated, it is requested that the parties involved contact a DM in game to be present and witness the event. We understand that there is not always a DM present or available. Having a DM present is for the protection of all parties. PVP among consenting players without a DM present is entirely at the risk of the participants.

Even if agreed to, all PvP must be properly Role Played by both characters. Role Play and events in the lives of the characters could lead to PvP. PvP should not create an opportunity for Role Play. PvP initiated between “Players” just “for the fun of it” to compare their characters in an out of context and non-role played situation is discouraged.

It is important to note that Summons, familiars and pets do full damage regardless of “subdual” settings and will attack hostile adversaries. The actions of any Summons, familiars or pets are the responsibility of their summoner, owner, etc.


  1. If both characters set their damage to “Subdual Damage” in plain sight of each other in advance of an altercation without prior “Tells” then that constitutes agreement and PvP combat may proceed. The use of subdual mode in any PVP is strongly encouraged, although not required.
  2. If a hostile player is contacted about PvP and does not respond, but continues to taunt or otherwise instigate hostilities, then the offended character may institute “Subdual Damage” and initiate PvP. Be very cautious if instituting this kind of PvP, as your opponent might choose not to use Subdual Damage and your character may find himself in the Fugue Plane. The Staff will take note of all complaints although Screen Shots and Logs are not valid proof of anything as they can be altered.

If a character has been rendered "unconscious" through combat in subdual mode then they are considered "dead" and must withdraw to their home temple without further in-character comment as soon as they recover enough to do so. This is done to simulate a trip to the fugue plane without experience loss or the need for DM intervention. Re-joining the combat while "dead" will be considered griefing.

Consequences of Refused PvP

The following are two examples of what should happen if a particular character refuses PvP. These by no means cover all of the possibilities. The Staff of FRTN will review all PvP complaints individually and judge according to available facts.

Failure to leave the area when appropriate will be considered "griefing" and will be dealt with harshly by the DM team.

  • Example #1: In a neutral setting, the players refusing PvP must remove themselves from the area. This assumes that there is no beneficial interest of the player desiring PvP. For example, if Player 1 wants to PvP Player 2 and Player 2 was in the area first to adventure, then Player 1 must wait their turn for the area. If the area is not an adventuring area, then player 2 must leave the area as they are refusing PvP.
  • Example #2: City settings etc. If either party in a “Good” vs. “Evil” (Zhent or Drow) scenario is refusing PvP, then the person in “Enemy” territory must leave the area completely (i.e. leave to head back “home” not just move to another city section or nearby outskirts).


Pickpocketing another Player Character is also a Role Play event that must be handled with great care. While Pickpocketing is not forbidden in the North, it is strongly discouraged with other Player Characters. If a successful attempt at Pickpocketing is made and an item other than gold or gold in excess of 100 gp is taken, then the Rogue must return the item or excess gold to the victim Out of Character.

If an Unsuccessful attempt at Pickpocketing is discovered, then it is a potential lead in for a PvP. It must be role played and must be agreed to as above. Once it is initiated, all PvP rules above apply.

Any questions about this policy should be directed to the FRTN Staff.