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Prestige Class Trainers

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You will need to seek out a special trainer to achieve a Prestige Class. These trainers are rather reclusive, and you will need to put forth some effort to find them. But a dedicated person - perhaps one of Volo's apprentices? - sought them all out. Then, in order to give you the fun of finding the trainer you need yourself, he left you some riddles as hints on where each one is.


Arcane Archer

Nestled in a camp, a group on a mission.
A magic arrow flies true – this is the vision.

With bow at the ready and spells in the mind,
Look to the elves, a forest you will find.

A long-lost city, so very near,
The enemy is in range ... victory is clear.

So come to my tent, hear my story,
Follow my training, live full of glory.


In a world of eternal darkness, I lay in wait,
With a flash of my blade, I seal your fate.

Not far from the city of spiders,
Those that know me, all are liars.

Friends only in time of need,
Life means little, only greed.

So In murder and death I make my trade,
With stealth, blood, and poisoned blade.


Warriors of darkness hear my call!
Head far south and through the wall.

Past the temple of the Dark Sun.
As you pass, peasants will run.

Power, Fear, and Doom in your wake,
The lives of the good, yours to take.

And when you see me, tremble in fear!
As those who will soon see you ... their end is near.

Champion of Torm

Where crossroads lie 'tween hill and tree,
A small town stands that's named for three.

And in a temple just and true,
Duty brings my skills to you.

Fight the ones who cross his path,
For those that don't will fear his wrath!

In Torm's just presence do I glow,
And with my teachings, come to know.

Dwarven Defender

Far to the north and buried under the snow
Lies a city where the small ones grow.

The citadel there once did fell,
But was reclaimed, occupants sent to hell.

Now ruled by king Bruenor the just
And where ore and gems cause much lust.

So train, good dwarves, and heed the master's word,
Don your plate, tighten your sword.

Harper Scout

To serve the just and protect the weak,
The forces of evil, we must seek.

Hidden within the gem of the North,
Only through others help will I come forth.

So those with eyes and blades of sharp,
Should seek out those who harp.

Knowledge of us should be like a mask,
Travel the world to complete our task.


Death, decay, and dispair are my friends,
And those of the bone I do tend.

The reaper of death is not my foe,
In his embrace I willingly go.

So travel west and through the mere,
And inside the temple, plenty to fear.

Join me! Let go the ways of the living.
It is only of value to those of the giving.

Red Dragon Disciple

Hellgate keep is not the place for the weak;
Rather, follow the setting sun to find what you seek.

Climb the fertile slope and over the crest,
And into the red – but you'll have to be at your best.

Look into a cave you'll find the training man,
And complete his quest ... if you can!


Far to the north, but not where the snow falls,
And towards the west where the seagulls call.

In a lawless city of pirates and sails
Is where this shadowy trainer hails.

Look in the alleys and in the dark –
Just pray that he does not make you his mark!


Surrounded by giants of the old lost way,
Shape is nothing but a mold ... they say.

With this power comes great trust,
Nature’s balance should be your thrust.

Always changing, without true form,
Set apart from those of the norm.

In the heart of the great green beast,
Any shape can be yours, feast.

Weapon Master

On a fallen hill near black desert sands
And surrounded by beasts, a lone man stands.

With skill and grace learn from the master,
The goal to wield your weapon faster.

To be at one with a blade of steel,
An extension of self, it is all in the feel.

So practise then all you have gained,
And throughout the realm you will be famed.