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Settlements of the North

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The North can be a very dangerous place, especially outside the safety of the city walls. However, it is also a place of opportunity, where adventurers come to seek fame and fortune and to test their courage against these harsh lands.

Safe Zones

Most cities, the buildings within them, and their outskirt regions are considered “safe zones.” This means that the bulk of the local inhabitants will not attack you, and that you will usually need to go out of the way to get into any kind of fight. Player vs. player (PvP) actions cannot be carried out in safe zones.

Cities of The North tend to be well-organized communities where the law is upheld. However, in some places, laws may not be upheld or local laws may be brutally enforced. In these unlawful areas, such “safe zones” are somewhat less safe, and a greater chance of harm exists -- from the locals within the city walls.

Lawful Settlements

These cities are considered safe and laws are always upheld. Attacking or killing another character within a lawful city may have serious consequences, including the summoning of the city watch, jailing, fines or other disciplinary measures if your actions break the FRTN Code of Conduct.

  • Calling Horns
  • Citadel Felbarr
  • Daggerford
  • Everlund
  • Goldenfields
  • Longsaddle
  • Loudwater
  • Mirabar
  • Mithral Hall
  • Nesme*
  • Neverwinter
  • Olostin’s Hold
  • Port Llast
  • Quaevaar
  • Red Larch
  • Secomber
  • Silverymoon
  • Sundabar
  • Triboar
  • Waterdeep
  • Yartar

*Note: Despite being a lawful city, Nesme does not enforce a weapon policy since the city is currently under siege with most of its citizens/militia bearing arms.

Subterranean races associated with being evil -- Drow, Half-Drow ,and Duergar -- are barred from entering all lawful cities, no matter their alignment.

In addition, guards might call the city watch upon spotting these races near a lawful city.

Lawful cities have a weapons policy whereby the brandishing of weapons within the city is forbidden. Violations of these laws will result in warnings and/or detention by the local guards.

Unlawful Settlements

These cities are in a state of turmoil, governed by evil -- or chaotic -- figureheads.

  • City of Shade
  • Griffon’s Nest
  • Llorkh
  • Luskan
  • Menzoberranzan

Attacking or killing another player within an unÂlawful city may go unpunished, or result in the summoning of the city watch, jailing, or fines. For cities that lie within the Underdark, surface elves, dwarves, gnomes, and Half-Drow are barred from entering, no matter their alignment, and are usually arrested on sight.