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Travelling the North

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The world of the North is a beautiful place, but can also be very hazardous. Knowledge is one of your best weapons!


Wilderness Travel

Travel in The North takes adventurers through many wilderness areas.

Tips for Travelling

Remember to always save some health and healing resources for the trip back to safety, and always carry enough food to complete any journey.

Hazardous Environments

From the frigid depths of the Trackless Sea to the fiery heart of Mt. Hotenow, a range of hazardous environments exists. A character exposed to such an environment may suffer a variety of effects; however, in some cases such effects can be reduced by certain items and/or spells.

Damaging Environments

Environments with extreme factors will damage you whenever you are within that particular environment. Damaging environments include hot, cold, acid, electrical, and various other forms. Certain items and spells can be used to reduce these effects.

Underwater Environments

Whether flooded dungeon levels or undersea adventures, watery environments pose a variety of problems to the adventurer.

While underwater, the following effects occur:

  • Movement is slowed.
  • Armor heavier than “light armor” cannot be equipped.
  • Only piercing weapons are effective underwater; other weapons cannot be equipped.
  • Ranged or thrown weapons cannot be equipped or used.
  • Shields cannot be equipped.
  • Torches and lanterns are destroyed immediately if equipped underwater.
  • Some spells cannot function underwater, while others behave differently.
  • Drowning damage occurs over time.
  • For extremely cold waters, cold damage occurs over time.
  • Animal companions and familiars suffer the same effects as PCs.
  • Many underwater creatures possess senses to detect nearby creatures. It is nearly impossible to remain undetected while underwater due to vibrations, scent, and other disturbances caused by a PC.

Certain items and spells can be used to reduce some of these effects.

Using Maps

Maps come in three varieties:

  • city maps
  • travel maps
  • treasure maps

Within all major cities are large placards outlining the city and major locations. Simply using these will familiarize you with that entire city, and all districts will be fully mapped out when visited. This effect is permanent over your entire career.

Travel Maps

Some locations are so remote or require the crossing of such difficult terrain that a map is required to reach them. These maps are travel maps and may be purchased from map stores or found as loot.

You must have a map for the corresponding area to which you wish to travel. A single map can be used to navigate an entire party of adventurers to a particular location.

Treasure Maps

Unlike travel maps, which can be bought, treasure maps are only ever found as loot. A treasure map outlines a particular region of the north and shows a location where some hidden treasure is buried.

To hunt for such treasure a “treasure-hunting shovel” must be purchased, which can be used to dig for the treasure. When digging in an area for which you possess a treasure map, the map will help you estimate where the treasure might be buried.

If you dig at the location of the treasure, the chest is unearthed and can be looted. However, such chests might be locked or trapped, or might summon creatures to defend them.

Creatures of The North

Many creatures have been significantly modified and may behave in a manner different from regular NWN modules. For the most part they conform more to the 3rd edition D&D rules and behave in a more intelligent manner. In addition, many new “custom” creatures have been created, but you must unravel the mysteries of those creatures after they are found.

The most notable creature changes are outlined here.


These ancient magical beasts roam the more remote regions of The North and it is difficult to predict when one will next appear. The arrival of a dragon is often preceded by its roars. If you hear roars in an area, you should be on guard, as a dragon is probably nearby.

Note: Dragons do not sit around waiting to be slain by would-be adventurers.

Dragons will leave an area when they are finished hunting, or may retreat to the air if badly wounded or faced with an enemy that could best them. Dragons occasionally swoop down onto a party of adventurers, so adventurers are advised to take precautions when traveling in dragon territory. Swooping is not usually proceeded with roars, so an attack may occur with very little warning.


A character slain by a spectre will immediately spawn a spectre.

Wights and Wraiths

A character slain by a wight or wraith will immediately spawn a wight.

Water Elementals

Powerful water elementals have a drown attack.

Rust Monsters

Rust monsters can destroy items.